TERA‘s last console update didn’t go as smoothly as the dev team would have liked. It “has not been a perfect release,” the official account tweeted, which is about as close as you’ll ever get to a game company saying things went poorly.

One of the issues, “Elite Status inapplicable,” has already been fixed, but several more are on target to be addressed later this week. These include the mission “Find the Treasure Box and Destroy” being impossible to complete for characters under level 57; the new battle pass reward bait item being cancelled when attempting to fish; low-level dungeons requiring five players; and “Intermittently Resurrected Shandra Manaya is transparent, making it invisible.” I’m not sure exactly what that last one means, but it sounds rather inconvenient.

These, along with a misleading localization issue, will be fixed in a patch scheduled for Thursday. Compensation for the mistakes and downtime will be announced in the future. Learn more about the patch update on the TERA console site.

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