It’s been a long time coming, but TERA’s first expansion, Fate of Arun, is now live. You can jump in now and take the action combat adventure to the new continent of Northern Arun where plenty of quests and Big Ass Monsters (BAMs) await.

The new gameplay content features an increased level cap of 65 with all-new class skills, vast new zones and challenging dungeons—plus the unique Coliseum battleground mode, where two teams race to battle enemies in a PvE environment. The expansion also brings multiple quality-of-life gameplay improvements. Players enjoy a simplified enchanting system, the ability to fuse unused crystals into powerful new ones, and a new quest UI that streamlines leveling by allowing players to teleport right to the action, find groups, or turn in quests from any location.

The expansion release comes just in time for TERA’s other big announcement. Worldwide, TERA has reached the 17 million registered players milestone. Certainly an impressive feat, even though “registered users” rarely translates into a useful metric for financial reports.

TERA Producer Patrick Sun had this to say about the milestone and the expansion launch:

“On behalf of everyone at En Masse Entertainment, I’d like to thank our players for continuing to show their love and support for TERA. Personally, I’m most excited to see both our hardcore and returning players take on some of the most challenging end-game content in TERA. I’ll be on with my level 60 warrior. Come join us!”

Planning to take on the 5 new levels of content? Let us know what you think of the expansion below!

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  1. I see alot of trash talking but tera is pretty damn popular now more then a year ago and please… dont trash on a game when we all know you could not do better =D

  2. This is gonna sound repetitive since I’m basically just rephrasing the previous comments, but 17 million registered account, yet when I play it there aren’t that many players running around, even the chat is pretty quiet most of the time.

  3. Expansion is not really that impressive since in the new zones I get a feeling of the 2008. mmos where u have zone overcrowded with mobs that just move few steps forward and few steps back. Even those 2009. mmos (Runes of Magic for example) now have dynamic phased events at least on endgame zones. Good description of a a kind of event is like when u defend village/fort from attackers, then if u are successful then u move to phase where u attack enemy in their base to postpone next attack on city, or if u are failed then village/city is burning and u are active trying to douse fire… and on every success phase u get some xp or reward tokens etc. That is what I expect from 2014 content – challenge, some dynamic to event, and reward for participation. Anyway this just points to me that Tera developer does not have funds to create that kind of serious next-get mmo content and I feels like a nail in the coffin of an mmo on the way to oblivion.

      • Eh, someone else is going to have to factor in how active those accounts are, along side every other active non-beta MMO if you want real numbers that matter.

        Until then, who cares how many alt accounts your little brother has to ogle all the different females? It’s not challenged by anything here. =P


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