Tera, the free-to-play MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studios dropped new info (courtesy of Steparu) about the latest class coming to the Korean version of the game and yes…the class is race locked, this time to the Elin.

Judging from the video, the Shinobi class wields a very big shuriken-like weapon and darts in and out of combat sneaking in close to land a few hard strikes then jumping out of the fray to throw a few abilities from a safe distance. The ears flopping around is a nice touch.

While no official release for the class in the Western version of the game has been announced, if previous new class timelines are used as a guide, the Shinobi should make its US debut in about 5 months. That would put the US class release around June.

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  1. Game has been F2P for over 2 years now, people who rage at gender/race locked new classes should consider that making each new class available for every of the 6 races would mean a lot of work in textures and animations, that is time-money to spend that probably the microtransactions cant cover for, compared to subscription or b2p games. BHS didnt have a publisher for south Korea till just a few weeks back when Nexon took over, and with Elin being the MOST POPULAR race for the Asia region, that should appeal to that playerbase.

  2. this class is the worst class i saw in a mmo game !!!!!! race gender lock mhm yeah well ok…. bad but “SHINOBI” what does a SHINOBI do? is a reaper whit diferent animations c’mon devs WTF! make a sumoner/warlock whit lots of pets make somethis nice….. copy the “demon hunter” from wow ….. or do somethng nice…. a karate kid class bum bum pawn the reaper was nice the gunner was nice brawler was nice….. wtf is this SHINOBI crap? srsly lazi reaper whit some diferent animations 2016 is the year of TERA fail! and the rise of other eastern crap B&S whit Classes named” “INSTERT WEAPON WORD” DANS/MASTER and BDO! PVP nice fap females boring end game…. the hell whit that WoW is the best! Is SAD! yes but thats how thing are! and you guys know it!

    • I am sure you are a troll but i will take the bait…WoW is old and obsolete: combat system, visuals, content overall, possibly only appeals to OLD age playerbase that played warcraft games, mediocre neophytes or have low tier computers. If you ever want to mention a successful and not outdated MMORPG, you should mention FF XIV. Not to forget, both WoW and FF XIV are subscription type (much more money) with a BIG game enterprise backing up the development for each.

  3. This is getting ridiculous, the amount of race and gender locked classes is already unacceptable, it’s starting to feel like a money grab of classes not actually finished lazy assholes only doing a couple sets of armors


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