Just in case you don’t have enough Hello Kitty in TERA yet (And really, who does?) EnMasse has announced the next batch of goodies. The good news? This time there’s a guaranteed mount option.

Of course… You have to want to ride around on a pig wearing a Hello Kitty onesie.

In addition to the Hello Kitty Squealer (the mount), players can also purchase two different loot boxes. The list of items available in the store are as follows:

  • Hello Kitty Squealer (character-bound and account-bound)
  • Hello Kitty Sweet Rewards Loot Box: A loot box guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll. May also contain a Hello Kitty Noble Squealer mount, alkahests, or other consumables.
  • Hello Kitty Teacup Party Loot Box: A loot box guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll. May also contain a Hello Kitty Teacup pet, a Hello Kitty Precious pet, alkahests, or other consumables.

As with the previous Hello Kitty items, these are only available in the shop for a limited time. You’ll want to hit up the store before May 19 at 10:00am Pacific if you want any of these.

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  1. Tera was a very good game early in the year to play but since the real developer have give up on this game before Tera Korea start shutting down by the unknown company who has hosted different non-exist game that never came to America then Nexon saw Tera would be there next profit on the market for them. (Rest in Peace Tera.)
    Tera mission is complete now also there is no more can be done with Tera update so just move on doing something else. (Don’t waste your Money or time on that game.) Peace out Guys.

  2. Lol, this is why i don’t play Tera anymore.
    All immersion that was ever present in there is gone, replaced by this kind of bs.
    But hey, it seems to be popular and sells so good for Tera lol.


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