The follow up to TERA’s “Secrets & Shadows” update — “Aces Wild” — is live on the servers as of today. The third major update for the free-to-play game in 2016 alone, Aces Wild introduces a variety of enhancements such as dedicated storage for cosmetic items, expanded flight zones, and more. It also includes a new 65 level dungeon featuring a terrifying joker as a boss.

For those more interested in solo activities, “Ace Dungeons” have been added which shuffle hard-core challenges as well as several dungeons. In addition, PvPers can look forward to a new battleground — the 10v10 Kumas Royale in which players battle in the role of BAMs.

To check out the new update, log into TERA or download it from the official site (or Steam).

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  1. I play on steam even though i’m in Europe 0 ping why even play on gameforge its a horrible host still after 65 its just item grind nothing more when playing duo and no looking for it gets boring fast. I mean we found some awesome monsters lvl 65+ kill rewards are pathetic so turned of the game.

  2. I feel bad for the people playing tera online on gameforges servers due to how bad they run their games. But the update sounds kinda neat but 2 bad I don’t play this game otherwise I would give it a try.


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