TERA’s Knockout Update is now available on PC bringing with it the highly anticipated Brawler class, two new end-game dungeons, and new gear.

The most hyped addition arriving in the free-to-play game with the Knockout update is the new tank class, The Brawler — which we posted an overview for recently. But she’s not the only thing players have to look forward to. The two new level 65 dungeons will add a BAM filled pirate ship and a haunted island to the world. The pirate ship, Kavilvan’s Dreadnaught, is filled with BAMS and bosses that players must defeat in order to obtain the new tier 8 Dreadnaught gear.

You’ll want that gear too, as it will give you a needed edge when taking on some of the game’s toughest bosses on the Forsaken Island and earning materials needed to craft tier 9 Starfall weapons and armor.

To celebrate the release of the new update, En Masse has been running a special release event. The event will last until January 12, 2016 and offers players the chance to earn brawler-themed prizes, including a mount.

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  1. Make a Male gender of that class and I will go back to tera and I will pay what ever but please don’t make me play with a girl I am a man and I have balls , I don’t feel like I have balls when I play with a girl screaming every time I use a skill for the love of GOD TERA u cheap company design a male gender and stop being so cheap if u can afford it I will come do it for free .

  2. I play game like it’s my dream. I dream of me having such strong punches blowing away since I can’t freaking DO IT IN REAL LIFE I CREATE A CHACATER LIKE ME AND DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUK OFF TERA DOUCHES AND YOUR GENDER LOCK SHIT!!!

      • Are u stupid, kid?
        He might have not said it, but he has a very good point about the gender/race locked behaviour of the developers, they keep forcing people who would rather play male characters, like myself (so I can immerse myself more into the game and environment) to pick a female character.
        This absolutely breaks the liberty of choosing who and what you want to be in a game that should have this freedom.
        Just because you have a different oppinion doesn’t mean he is “wining” so grow the f**k up and stop telling people they are being upset over nothing just because it does not affect you.

  3. The Brawler feels so OP, but juggling all the mobs feels so damn satisfying. This is easily the most fun class to play in Tera, and I’m actually surprised at how fluid it feels. As far as the gender-locking/race-locking issue goes, I don’t see it as a problem. This is extremely common; just look at upcoming games. Black Desert Online: every class is gender locked, Blade and Soul: an entire race with their own unique class is gender locked, Devilian: every class is gender locked… so why is it a problem with Tera, exactly? Bluehole’s focus is obviously on bringing players a wider variety of classes in shorter periods of time, as opposed to a single new class every 1-2 years, and that’s only possible when they don’t have to spend an entire year working on hundreds of animations for each class.

    • btw, the gender-lock rant is in response to Za’muro’s comment, not the article. Obviously it isn’t mentioned in the article 😛

      • The problem isn’t just the gender locked

        It’s that every single class released after the game first started has been both race locked and female gender-locked.

        Three classes all male. The first two became the top two PvP classes, and if they didn’t remove block from normal attacks in PvP, Brawler would be even higher than them.

        Don’t even try to pull this ‘bluehole’s trying to bring more people’ thing. They’d bring more people using an actually thought-out plan rather than pandering to the people who love to ERP on their female characters all day and wear costumes. They’re doing it for monetary gain, milking the market for the most popular gender/race combinations, rather than doing it because they want more people to come back.

        • Three classes that are all female*

          Blade and Soul has 4 classes for each of the 4 races to play, so you have equal opportunity. Every class except one of the races (which is also the only gender-locked race) has a unique class, as of the recent KR updates, so this point is null.
          Black Desert is only ‘gender locked’ in the sense of every class has a female and male version, but they play differently. They share pretty much a bunch of similar things, but with slight differences. It’s barely locked at all, with the exception of Tamer and the Berserker which have two different playstyles, but there’s still equal opportunity to play either gender and have the same number of options, and you’re barely missing out if you don’t play the other.
          Devilian is your standard PoE/Diablo clone. It’s not even an MMORPG, so it doesn’t matter. Completely irrelevant. Everything in that genre locks things down.

          Your points are all completely moot and misinformed.

          • 1) Devilian is indeed an MMO, and regardless of its “clone-ness” it isn’t irrelevant just because you don’t like it lol.
            2) Tera has 8 classes that are available to every gender/race. That is a pretty damn decent amount of options.
            3) I never made any kind of excuse or said anything about Bluehole’s reasoning for doing things the way they are, I simply said that I don’t mind it myself.
            My points are in no way “moot” or “misinformed”, I don’t even get how you would come to that conclusion.
            All in all, there is a good selection of classes to play in Tera for every gender/race, and the fact that people are so butthurt over the few that aren’t is petty and, honestly, hilarious. People just need to lighten up man.


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