The next major class being added to the action-combat MMO TERA is a moon-powered class designed for female Castanics. According to an interview with Bluehole Director Baek Sung Hyun (translated by Loriri and seraphinush) the new class makes heavy use of a giant Glaive weapon to execute consecutive attacks combining various movements.

They are not a heavily armored class — opting to use leather armor instead. The “Lunar Dancer,” as fans are electing to call her for now, inflicts a Lunar Scar on their enemies when they attack which can be stacked and then used to inflict wide range AoE damage. They also boast a “Lunar Energy” gauge which can be used for things like boosting attack speed once filled.

If you’re a fan of Castanics, the class sounds interesting. There’s quite a bit more information here in the translated interview — along with a few language clarifications to make things a bit easier. You can also get a look at the moon powered Castanic in the video above.

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  1. Let’s just gather everyone who is against gender lock to boycott the game for a given month. If the rev pretend not to hear us well we can let them feel our presence. In this era I hope these Korean pev don’t undermine the power of social media

        • This is not even 3rd class it’s actually 4th female only class in a game that originally had all classes for all races.
          And without even playing I agree new classes are nonsense. They have superior skills and do 2x dmg if not more.

          First it was Repear (elin only) which can only played when you have another character about 50lvl.
          Gunner (elf only) one shots minions left and right…
          Ninja (elin only again) didn’t even look at it when it came out.
          Brawler (human only) again has much better skills and superior dmg.
          All are female only classes. If they are doing this then remove all male characters and advertise ts as female only game. People would come back playing this game even if new classes would be made on one race. Now it’s a joke of a game. Then let’s give an excuse that it’s easier to do and costs less.
          I would have went back on Brawler update or this one if they only had male characters. Even maybe spend some money. Now it’s like “oh this garbage is still alive”. I just don’t understand how it’s possible to ruin such good game with such potential. Now it’s land of half naked female kids and half naked women.

          • Remember when tera had tanks? I do, but ofc they had to introduce brawlers that double as both tank and dps – and obviously does both better than previous classes.
            If somebody wanted to do both and had enough skill and gear, warrior was viable in many situations but no let’s dumbify the game. And it’s not like it was needed to make it easier for new players, there were options for everyone – they just had to make a new OP class so vets and whales drop more cash on new characters.

        • To answer some of your comments. I get what you all mean, why female classes only? Well.. sad to say that the majority of the male players still get a hard on from the boobs and butts of their female chars. So why change that formula if it works?

          • is not about that,i play female race,because the texture is way better than male race,the only game i played male was World Of Warcraft,if every idiot company make a game with male class that is either only skinny and ugly or big and ugly character without any customization,then i won`t play Male character,and is not all about boobs and asses,some classes armor looks better on female race,than on male race.
            It`s all about the taste of player,on my second game that i played,the class i loved was only female,so i`m more used with female character rather than male.
            When they will make the texture and customization of male character better than female character,i will 200% only play male character,till then i`l play female character.

          • and look at Tera Lancer class on human male,he looks like a Gorilla in human form,you can`t make the character as you want (well at least i don`t see it),so why should i be forced to play a male character that i don`t like how it looks,just to make people like you happy?
            If you don`t like how the game goes,go and make yourself a game as you like.
            And to answer to what you stated there,yes there are players that play female character to get his boner,but that`s not the only reason out there,there are players like me (as an example),that does not care about what other people say and play what race or gender they look comfortable to them.
            And i`m not looking for a relation or something like that to play as male character.


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