En Masse Entertainment has launched the newest update for TERA, Spellbound, which makes major changes to one of the game’s core classes — the first of many promised in future updates — and adds new instances for both PvP and PvE.

The sorcerer is the first class getting major revisions, with a host of new powers and abilities, one of them described as a “speeding ball of death.” It also receives more flashy skill animations; if your enemies are going to die, at least they get to go out to a dazzling light show.

On the content front, Spellbound adds a pair of new dungeons for level 65 players, Lilith’s Keep and Ruinous Manor, as well as bringing back two older dungeons, Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard) and Vault of Kaprima. These two have been reworked to provide a more challenging experience for players. Finally, there’s a new battleground where players pilot tanks against each other. A little competition for Wargaming, perhaps?

You can learn more about the free Spellbound update on the TERA site.


  1. Finally a non-gender locked class that isn’t female only. The pervy bluehole studio devs need to do these types of classes more often.

    • TERA could be so good without that retarded gender-locked classes. And the worst part is: They will do another onde FEMALE-ONLY class.

    • This is a gender locked class? I thought it was a non-gender locked class but what ever. But I agree this game would be so much better off without gender-locked classes and it’s sad how they mainly do female-only gender locked classes the bluehole studio devs are probably pervy or trying to attract the pervy crowd to their game.

      • The Sorcerer is not gender-locked.

        Its not a new class though, its one of the originals that launched with the game, just reworked.

        The reason they do new female-only classes is because it takes dev resources (time =money) to make animations and armor for all the races and genders, so they just release it for one or two female races only to get the maximum profit. The majority of their sales coem from the “pervy crowd”.

      • I’ve seen gender locked classes but I think it’s stupid how they devote their resources to one gender for classes. I’m not trying to be sexists but not everybody want’s to be a girl maybe the guys who play the game wanna be a guy or maybe some girls who play the game wanna be a guy but all I’m saying is they are ruining the game by making female only races/classes in my opinion. Yeah it takes dev resources but they seriously don’t got enough resources to sketch out the male gender artwork? Like seriously lol I mean they got all the time in the world to sketch females but not male races/classes that’s laughable. But I guess they chose to do that to attract the pervy crowd to make money from a majority of them so that makes sense businesswise. But it’s also why I don’t play tera online anymore after 1 day I just couldn’t handle the female only classes/races I like having alot of options especially having female or male as an option and not only females roaming around the game and like I said above this post isn’t being sexist I’m just trying to make a statement because not everybody want’s to roam around the game as a girl.


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