Major changes are coming to TERA’s Sorcerer class with the Spellbound update. The update is giving the class a “top-to-bottom overhaul” introducing new skills and mechanics and adding more spell power.

En Masse offers a peek at the upcoming changes and promises the full list will go live in the new Sorcerer game guide as soon as the Spellbound update is live. Some changes include changing Burst of Celerity to a passive skill, making cast times faster on some skills, and increasing base damage. In addition to the new Sorcerer changes, the update will also add two new dungeons. No information has been offered on these dungeons as of yet.

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  1. another boring update…nothing new
    you just do the same shit like you did in last patch
    new dungeon>grind new gear>upgrade gear>repeat again on next patch

  2. generic shitt y game, very vad interface, ugly child chars with huge boobs, baloon like mobs, stupuid borinf`g quest like in any asian poop

      • I saw him posting in an earlier post. I kinda ignored it, because it was total shit again (blah blah, I’m a stupid kid who hates on asian games). But now that you’ve replied to him, I guess I can’t leave it alone haha. Trolling IS his job, let him fap while he does it!

      • Agreed when I see him post it’s mostly garbage about asian games or some about p2w games. But I actually have to agree with him about the childlike characters with huge boobs I played tera for a bit I’ve seen it ingame.

    • Asian poop he says. You whiteboy. I agree with Tera being a crappy game, but sadly enough Asia > West. Both in games and tech

    • someone should IP block this retard. he adds nothing to these discussions, other that he has a minority complex towards anything asian (asians probably stole his job/girlfriend, if he ever had one, probably not) and gets a boner when he’s trolling on this site. give some constructive feedback, instead of the shit you say.

      oh wait, your brain cant handle that. anyways, tera isn’t so bad, it’s just sad that they gender lock the classes now, because frankly: it’s cheaper and easier. they need to animate less models

      • Hahah, they took his job. You win.

        Bluehole also recycles a lot of Mob models. It’s a real shame, because Tera’s action combat system is one of the best.

    • I love tera to but I lost my joy for it when they mostly wanna introduce female classes and don’t wanna add ingame housing. I like it but they don’t got some things I wanna have and ingame housing is very important for me in an MMO.


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