For those of us that just gotta catch’em all, Infernum Productions just added a slew of new “catchables” to their free-to-play MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet. The new area, Thadrea, also comes filled with new quests, new dungeons, and a new level cap of 102 (really? The weird level cap numbers never fail to amaze me.)

Located in the south of Auratia, the highland of Thadrea is naturally protected from northern invasions by the Ashmond Mountains. Norden, which lies to the west, is the kingdom-sized monument to the contribution of the Tunno people in the Second Dragon War. The pinnacle of this city is the Oziak magic research institute.

The Marsh Witch’s Hut is the home of the witch Sukarin. She is rumoured to be the widow of the Tunno hero Asuma, who is said to have been left to die by the Osira. Tales of her cannibalism and powerful magic cause would-be visitors to be wary of the Silt Marsh she inhabits.

New adventures and new dungeons add to the world of Dragon’s Prophet, too. A new Crystal War event also allows players to summon and square off against bosses to try and claim new dragon eggs.

Sounds like a pretty big update! Let us know if you’ll be jumping in to catch the new dragons below!

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  1. the game has changed alot from the beta’s times, all the bug were fixed, language fixed, leveling adjusted. this game is truly enjoyable now. also is not p2w they get almost all the money only from selling cool locking dragons, give another chance

  2. The game was alright, and the first few hours of playing this i thought this might become the new WoW. But after these moments of enjoyment, I realized how unrefined it actually was. The translation was horrible. Over half of all items were named a bunch of Letters and Numbers (somewhat like dis A452KHTT_QUEST) and Quest descriptions were sometimes incomplete.

    However, the worst part which repels most testers, is the leveling (idk if this was fixed): First of all, a level requires shit tons of exp (I remember as a level 46, one level was like 100k exp) and killing a single mob was like a 100exp… GG. The O N L Y efficient way was to complete the daily quests, which would give around 25k at this level, which were “Kill X amount of Y”. So everyday, you ended up flying the same routes from daily quest to daily quest… Tell me the purpose of having a huge map with hundreds of unique monster species, when all you should do is fly for 10 minutes to fight for another 3!?

    Funny enough, in the first 3 days, a bug existed where these “Dailys” could be completed an infinite amount of times, resulting in players reaching the maximum level in only a few hours (which was Level 55).

    To summarize, if these issues were fixed, all the developers should do is wipe the server and advertise and this game will be the next WoW.

  3. And no one mentioned that the EU publisher for the game went into insolvency a few weeks ago, to “restructurate the company”.

    They mean to kick out the idiots and then try to get up from the ground…or fail doing so and shutting down all of their games.

  4. bought into the beta and played a bit after launch, wa soo excited for the game but the bugs and bad translation made me eventualy give up on it tho might have to go back and take a look gota be better by now right?…….


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