The Elder Scrolls Online Legacy Of The Bretons Conclusion, Firesong, Is Here

But apparently not without some launch woes.

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ESO Firesong DLC Update

Players of Zenimax and Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Online can finally experience the conclusion to the Legacy of the Bretons saga with the release of the latest DLC, Firesong, and update 36. This new update – officially – launched today according to the post on Steam and today’s press release. But, it seems like that may just be a result of some update issues. Players were experiencing crashes as a result of the update and DLC. In fact, a post on the ESO forums notes that several issues are still being addressed.

In addition to the new story content, the DLC adds new gear, a new patron deck for Tales of Tribute, new collectibles and dyes, and more. There are even new world bosses and volcanic vent world events to contend with.

Issues aside, the update is out and that means it’s time for players to head to the island of Galen in the westernmost portion of the Systres archipelago, where they will work with the druids to defend the island from various threats. It also means balance changes, bug fixes, and all the general things you’d expect from a game update. Some of these include a new US system that allows players to mark allies, themselves, and enemies with special icons. These will work in trials, PvP, dungeons, and the open world. Players can now also hide pets in town, and housing has received some love as well.

Full patch notes for both the DLC and the update can be found on the Elder Scrolls Online forums.

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