Catch Up On That Crafting With Bonuses From The Elder Scrolls Online’s Next Event

Crafters gets all kinds of love during the event.

QuintLyn Bowers
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TESO Crafting Event

If you’ve got some crafting projects you’ve been putting off in The Elder Scrolls Online, you may want to spend some time on them over the next couple of days. Between now and February 20, the Crafter’s Celebration event will offer all kinds of useful bonuses for players to take advantage of each day. These include things like +100% Inspiration gain to all crafting skill lines, +100% Writ Vouchers earned from Master Writs, increased harvest node drops, a reduction in Transmute Crystal costs, and more.

There are some restrictions, however. The increased harvest node drops don’t include fishing or creature drops. The MMORPG's event also doesn’t grant event tickets, nor does it have related quests, achievements, or collectibles. That said, the event will definitely benefit crafters trying to get a lot done.

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