Final Fantasy XIV Oceania Data Center Is Officially Live And A Lot Of Us Got Buffs As 6.08 Launches

Transfers are live later tonight if you want to move!

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Final Fantasy XIV 6-08 Update

The latest Final Fantasy XIV patch, 6.08, is officially live and that means a few things. First, the wait for the Oceania data center has come to an end and transfers to it are opening this evening – around 10:00 pm Pacific time. There are five worlds to choose from, so make sure you’ve coordinated with your friends before making the jump.

If you’re planning on just creating a new character instead of transferring, then there’s additional good news. To encourage players to create new characters on the Oceania data center, the XIV dev team is offering double XP for players up to level 80 and 10 silver Chocobo feathers to exchange for gear. Characters that are created during this time and reach level 30 in any class will also receive a million gil and fifteen days of free playtime.

For those transferring, there will be bonuses as well. Of course, players will be able to transfer to the new data center for free. They’ll also receive double XP up to level 80 and 10 gold Chocobo feathers that can be exchanged for special rewards. If you own housing on your current data center, expect compensation in gil. (Also note that if you’re one of these property owners, you'll want to read the post about transfers carefully in order to assure you receive that compensation.)

On the topic of transfers, transfers between the rest of the worlds will not be available until tomorrow. This is to allow some time for transfers to Oceania before everyone begins shuffling around.

As for the rest of the patch, it’s basically the XIV team pulling an Oprah. Everyone gets a buff! Almost every DPS class, anyway. This is the dev’s solution to Reaper being OP. Rather than bringing them down, they’re raising everyone else up. And, honestly…I’m just not going to argue with a buff, no matter the reasoning. (Kinda sad about losing the visual for my dragon leash, though. Now, how will I show brief yet terrifying love to complete strangers in combat situations?) Those interested in the buffs for their job of choice can read the full list in the patch notes.

On an additional, and cute note, the XIV team decided to celebrate the launch of the Oceania data center with a special piece of art. Enjoy Australia and New Zealand as they would look on an Eorzean map. A much larger version can be found via the XIV Facebook account.

XIV Oceania Map

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