The Foundations Update Should Make Guild Warfare More Interesting For Albion Online Players

When the update drops, it will rework territory conflict.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Albion Online Foundations Update

Sandbox Interactive is preparing to launch the next Albion Online update on April 15. This update, titled Foundations, will make important changes to the sandbox MMORPG’s guild warfare, making changes to territory conflict by reworking and adding new mechanics. With the addition of Fortifications, guilds will be able to upgrade their defenses. At the same time, Siege Banners will offer attackers a way to weaken those defenses. Neither side is suddenly getting an increased advantage over the other, but this should make the battles more interesting and fun for players to take part in.

The update also offers new rewards to guilds for being active in their territories. These rewards, found in Territory Activity Chests are intended to encourage players to be active during “Prime Times”. These times are times determined by active times on the various servers.

Other changes include the addition of new layouts and three new Crystal Weapons. The weapons: will offer special abilities to those using them. In addition, hammers will have new spells, too. And finally, a new Spectator Mode is being added, offering streamers an easier way to broadcast their own matches.

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