The Latest This Week At Bungie Talks Arc 3.0, Subclasses, New Mods, And More

This week’s post is massive.

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This Week At Bungie

Another week, another "This Week at Bungie." This time, the Destiny 2 dev team settles in for a good long post to talk mods, Arc 3.0, upcoming events, and more. The post starts out with a look at the subclass revamp coming in Arc 3.0, taking a close look at Riskrunner and Acrius. It seems these classes will no longer need specific Aspects to become amplified. There will also be some tweaks to the Blind and Jolt abilities – in both PvP and PvE.

Since a new season is coming up the post also highlights a selection of new mods. They’re scattered throughout the perks, so some will come earlier than others. For instance, players will be able to pick up the mod that reloads stowed machine guns overtime after two perk choices while the one that adds 2 seconds to the amplified timer will only be available after ten perk choices.

It’s also event time – in and out of the game. That means players need to mark their calendars for a few things, beginning with the Showcase on August 23. Following that will be the next raid on August 26, Iron Banners in September and November, and more. For the dates on all of these and a ton of other information, go check out the post.

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