The "Long-Awaited" PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 2023 Roadmap Is Finally Here

Developer Krafton wants to "reduce stress and increase enjoyment overall" for players.

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Happy 6th Anniversary to PUBG. To celebrate, Krafton has issued the highly-detailed, “long-awaited” PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 2023 Roadmap revealing upcoming plans for the battle royale.

"While it is truly mind-blowing that 6 years have already passed, we believe that everything we’ve accomplished over the years is all thanks to the generous support and feedback from our players,” the team wrote in a post on the official website. “Seeing all of you enjoy PUBG has always been the biggest driving force for us to keep moving forward."

Krafton said that, according to analytics, most players stick to the tutorial, normal match, ranked, and "other modes with different in-game rules,” so the team plans to begin the revamp there, introducing a "seamless connection" so players are able to jump back and forth between modes quickly and smoothly.

Normal Match will be the main focus this year as Krafton believes it “must offer a healthy and immersive experience” in order for players to engage further with the game and everything else it has to offer. The team wants to "reduce stress and increase enjoyment overall.” Krafton is working towards making the early phase less tedious and shortening the playtime here to increase the pace overall. That means improving item, Blue Zone, and vehicle spawn rates.

Additionally, the team is looking to "alleviate the frustration and burden of dying after a long farming time.”

Other than that, all existing 8km maps will be available in ranked mode going forward. New maps are set to come as well after stabilization. Also, items and features like the folded shield, emergency pickup, and Blue Zone grenade will be accessible too. And the rewards for ranked mode will be enhanced.

Last but not least, a new map is coming: Neon.

While these changes are on the way, the 22.2 update for PUBG is available now for PC players. Those on consoles will get the patch on March 23. Check out the entire roadmap here.

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