The Lord Of Rings Online Gets A Further Adventures Questline And A List Of Changes To PvMP In Latest Patch

Join the twins Elladan and Elrohir as they venture from Rivendell to Lothlórien.

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LotRO Update 33.1

Standing Stone Games has released the patch notes for The Lord of the Rings Online's Update 33.1: "The Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir," and listed some changes and updates to PvMP in the Ettenmoors. Players can download the update now on PC.

At the forefront of Update 33.1 is the new Further Adventures questline, taking place after Frodo's rescue from the Ford of Bruinen. While scouts of Rivendell seek out news on enemy forces, Lord Elrond has given his twins, Elladan and Elrohir, a secret errand in the distant land of Lothlórien. Players can start venturing toward the foreign land after accepting the quest from Elrond, located in his library in Rivendell. Additionally, whatever rewards players get from the questline can be exchanged with Celeblír outside the Last Homely House.

LotRO has also received some changes and updates to PvP combat. PvMP, a player versus player combat scenario where one side is a monster player and the other is a hero, will see some scale adjustments. If fighting on the side of heroes, a player can reach Ettenmoors at level 20 and get boosted up to handle what comes their way. In addition, the Audacity stat is now essential to survival in the Ettenmoors and players who reach level 140 will acquire more Audacity and gear to handle fights better.

You can read more on the updates now live in the game from LotRO's official website.

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