FFXIV Roundup: Moonfire Coming, DDoS Attacks In NA, And Trolling Via Ugly Housing

And if you want to get rid of your neighbors, troll them with bad property design choices.

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Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2022

Today, we have a little good news, a little bad news, and a little bit of shenanigan news for Final Fantasy XIV players. Basically, it’s a normal day on the internet, so first the good news. It’s almost Moonfire Faire time and that means it’s time to add some new fashion to your wardrobe. It’s a good thing Square Enix expanded the glamour chest.

To take part in the Moonfire Faire, players will need to seek out Mayaru Moyaru in Limsa Lominsa between August 10 and August 26. He’s in his normal location in the Aftcastle, so he’ll be easy enough to locate. And, if you’re wondering what you’re going to get for taking part in this year’s festival, you’ll get another new beach-appropriate outfit and a bonfire outdoor housing item. You can also pick up some items from previous Moonfire Faire event via event vendors.

In the bad news area, players who were logged into Final Fantasy XIV North American servers last night may have found themselves booted suddenly and staring at a 1,000+ queue. The issues didn’t last overly long, maybe an hour or so. As it turns out, the cause was a DDoS attack. (Once again, this is why we can’t have nice things.) Square Enix noted the issue on the game’s site early this morning and stated that they will continue to monitor the situation and work with ISPs to find ways to prevent it in the future.

Finally, we have shenanigans. Everyone who plays Final Fantasy XIV knows how difficult getting a house can be – no matter what solution the developers come up with. Once you get that property, what you do with it is up to you, and some players make really interesting choices. There’s a lot of…variety. But, this may be the first time I’ve heard of a player buying up every plot in an area, except the one they didn’t manage to win, and then trolling the winner of that last plot with ugly housing.

According to a post on the FFXIV subreddit, a player was using alts to buy up an entire neighborhood and became angry when another player won the final plot. In retaliation, they’ve gone out of their way to make the neighborhood look as ugly as possible, either using lots of the more questionable item choices to build with or just not building at all. They then sent tells to the other player congratulating them on the win and saying “I hope you didn’t want a good view. All those plots are ours. Watch and learn.” While the decorating may not be reportable...the tells probably can be.


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