The Rubber Ducks Return To World Of Warships

Once again, the annual April Fool’s event is back.

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World of Warships Hot Tub

April Fool’s Day is almost upon us. That means it’s almost time to start doubting everything you read on the internet for more fun reasons than everyone on social media just having lost their minds. It also means that some multiplayer games will host events that are just a bit different from what you’d normally expect in the game.

One such game is Wargaming’s World of Warships, which likes to do a bathtub-themed event titled Trouble in the Hot Tub every year. This event has players piloting rubber ducks instead of military vessels, but don’t be fooled, the ducks are armed with splashy mines as well as weapons unique to each class of duck. Players compete in a 9v9 Domination Mode to fight for the Trouble in the Hot Tub title.

In addition, Wargaming announced a partnership with Placid Plastic Duck Simulator to create a DLC bundle that will be made available on Steam for a short while starting tomorrow, March 23. The DLC will remain available until April 14.

On a more serious note, players can also expect nine new Pan American Cruisers to arrive in Early Access. They’ll hit March 31 and be the first tech tree of the faction with improved AP shells. That means better ricochet angles.

And finally, World of Warships will be celebrating the anniversary of the game’s launch on the Epic Games Store two years ago. Beginning tomorrow, players can take part in an achievement hunt that will ultimately earn them $20 – sent to their PayPal accounts.

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