The Trailer For Lost Ark's April Update Shows Off Big Battles And A New Class

Get ready to fight legions of demons for the Throne of Chaos.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Lost Ark April Update

Lost Ark's April update is on its way and, when it arrives, players will be facing the demon legions on the shores of South Vern in an attempt to bring down the Throne of Chaos. (You’ll get a taste of that in the game's latest trailer.) Of course, this means traveling to an all-new land, a place far different from its original form thanks to the settlers' use of varying technologies to change it from a barren wasteland to a thriving region filled with life. Here players will explore uncharted areas, meet new people, and perhaps discover what has the leaders of the continent so out of sorts. Like Punika, South Vern will be Tier 3 content. This means players will need an item level of 1340 to begin exploring the area.

In addition to the new region, the April update will also introduce the Glaivier Class. This spear-wielding class features two swappable skill sets, Focus and Flurry. Each has its own weapon. Both are spears, but contrary to what people may tell you…sometimes size does matter. In this case, it matters a lot. The Glaivier carries both a short spear used to rain attack after attack down on their opponent in Flurry stance and a longer glaive for sweeping attacks and lethal strikes in Focus stance. A proficient player will be able to use both of these to their advantage.

When the update arrives, it will also include quality of life changes for co-op, social settings, and more. Details on that can be found on the game’s Steam page.

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Discussion (2)

kateelisabeth 1 year ago
Looking forward to Lost Ark's April Update, I've enjoyed Lost Ark since the Western release of Lost Ark. In order to have better performance in the game, I also often buy Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS to enhance my strength. Hopefully this game update doesn't disappoint me too much.

OldGlory 1 year ago
Good I'm stuck at 1350 as f2p player... only bought founder pack. I don't have time for alts (some players on forum boasts that they play 6-11 alts or something, feel sorry for them). I'm waiting when they will start to treat us like they treat KR players. There new players are welcomed to t3 content pretty much from start as of i have heard. More content and honing resources are always welcome.

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