Well, this was a bit unexpected. It seems that a little more was added to Fortnite with the Season 8 update than we first realized.

In keeping with their music in game obsessions, Epic Games apparently decided to team up with the band Weezer and create a theme park island based around the band’s latest album. It’s probably not the oddest choice a game company could make, but some players are questioning why a game that caters to younger players would add an entire island dedicated to a band that mostly appeals to individuals over 30.

Maybe the answer is the developer would like the game to appeal to a broader audience… especially since their player base isn’t spending as much money right now as it did previously.

The benefit to Weezer is pretty obvious. Anyone who goes to the island will be able to hear the band’s new album while tooling around on hoverboards and doing other platform-y, theme park type activities.

This isn’t the first time Fortnite has collaborated with musicians. Recently, the game hosted a Marshmellow concert that resulted in 10 million players logging in at once. It was a good day for Fortnite.

Those curious about Weezer Island can check it out in Fortnite Creative Mode, and as Weezer put it in a tweet: “listen to the sweet sounds of #TheBlackAlbum”. Not having heard the album, I’m not sure how accurate that is, but if you’re just curious about what the island looks like, you can get a peek in this video uploaded by Paul79UF.

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