Fortnite: Battle Royale had a rough January. While year-over-year sales are “still up significantly,” according to SuperData, revenue across all platforms dropped 48% in the month as compared to the previous month. Maybe that’s to be expected after what SuperData called a “peak month in December,” but it’s still quite the plummet.

Tougher times could be ahead. Apex Legends launched in early February, and that’s sure to take a further piece of Fortnite’s battle royale pie. Epic Games did draw 10 million people for a virtual concert in the month, and also announced a new high of seven million concurrent players, so maybe it’s not all bad.

You can see the rest of SuperData’s digital games report for January here. Fortnite was #5 on PC and #2 on consoles for the month, with League of Legends (#2) and World of Tanks (#8) also making appearances on the PC top 10 chart.


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