Update: Tickets are now on sale on the ExileCon site!

Original: If you’re hoping to land a ticket to ExileCon, Path of Exile‘s big shebang in November, get your devices ready. They’ll go on sale tomorrow, at 1 p.m. Pacific (4 p.m. Eastern), and while Grinding Gear Games “don’t expect to sell out quickly,” it’s also their first time running a show like this, and demand could very well outstrip supply. We’re not saying you should set an alarm and be spam-refreshing the PoE site tomorrow afternoon … but maybe you should.

In other news, the latest expansion, Synthesis, was the game’s biggest ever, and that’s not just hype and marketing. Well, it is a little hype and marketing, but it’s also backed up by numbers:

Steam Charts has peak concurrency over the weekend at about 111,000 players, which lets you guess at there being about another 66,000 players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (where it launched alongside the expansion), and the PoE launcher. Any way you slice it, it was a good weekend for PoE fans and the crew at Grinding Gear Games.

Oh, and yeah, you better be refreshing the site tomorrow if you want those tickets.

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  1. Fake frww o play game ! Very boring game , its single player game with chat and inventory simulator, most of time you will run back and forth to sell countless useless items, skill sistem is disaster,full of ads, also you need to invest real monet for backpacks , without that you will be bored even faster! You will play with other people only against bossesm, late game everyone can solo everything ! Waste of time and money !


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