We sat through Clerics and Paladins. Then we got the details on changes coming to Warlocks and Hunters. Now, it’s time for the players of Neverwinter‘s Rogue and Barbarian classes to get a peek at what’s to come with the Undermountain update.

In two new blog posts, the Neverwinter team looks at the adjustments coming to both these classes.

The changes being implemented for Rogues are intended to balance them with the new combat changes coming in the update while continuing to ensure they’re a powerful damage dealing class. They’ll also make the distinction between the paragon paths clearer.

The assassin will be a powerful attacker, easily taking down enemies, while Whisperknife will go about things in a more stealthy way. The latter class will also be able to cause damage to more enemies from a greater distance.

On the Barbarian’s end of things, the class will still be a highly mobile and aggressive, making great use of two-handed weapons. However, his healing and threat management will be adjusted to make him an even better tank. The update will also re-work the sentinel feat tree to create the full tank paragon path.

As it turns out, more details will be adjusted with the Barbarian than the Rogue — making for a longer read on the Neverwinter site. What this means is that players will have a lot more to look forward to in the coming update.

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