It’s Time To Take Out Some Aliens In Today’s Free EGS Offering


Survival horror may not feel like the most Christmas-y thing ever (then again, it might), but it is the theme of today’s free offering on the Epic Games Store. Also included in that theme are aliens, of the not-friendly, totally going to destroy you if you don’t destroy them first kind.

The free offering in question is Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation. In this single-player action game, players take on the role of ultimate bad-ass Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. Fifteen years after her mother’s disappearance, Amanda finds out her mother’s flight recorder has been recovered. Obviously, there’s only one thing to do with this information: head into danger and try to figure out what happened to her mom.

For those of you who might be wondering, this is the good Alien game, and despite it being six-years-old, it still runs about $40. So, if you enjoy this genre, it’s well worth the grab. As for DLC, there are seven different packs all currently running either $1 or $2 as part of the holiday sale. If you wait ’til after that’s over, you’ll be paying $4 to $8 a pop.


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