Things are not as great in Titanfall as some players would like them to be. Like a lot of online shooters, Titanfall suffers from issues related to cheaters. It also suffers from being an older game in a developer’s library that doesn’t have as many players as some of its siblings and as a result may not have as many resources dedicated to solving problems as its players would like.

Of course, when that’s the case, players find ways to make their frustrations known — some being more sensible than others. This past weekend, some Titanfall players took the less sensible route and hacked Apex Legends, resulting in the game being down for players and devs spending the weekend having to undo everything.

The hack in question affected Apex Legends’ playlists, preventing players from entering queues for other game modes and displaying a message asking players to visit Those who visited the site found a list of grievances from members of the Titanfall community asserting that they’d been “begging Respawn to fix” hacking issues for more than three years without any result. The site also makes claims of fraud for selling an unplayable game.

The issue was first addressed on Twitter by Respawn on Sunday and it apparently took them about 6 hours to fix the issue. Of course, in that time, the hackers at least drew some eyeballs to their site. Whether or not they earned any sympathy from Apex Legends players or devs is up to question, but the answer is probably not. They did, of course, earn a few posts like this — some with small lectures about whether or not it’s appropriate behavior. Although, that too probably fell flat seeing as by the time someone’s hacking a game, they probably aren’t all that concerned about etiquette.

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