Update 6.2 is now live and Star Wars: The Old Republic fans may not have the largest update ever to go through, but there are a few key story beats continued, a new flashpoint, some free login rewards, and some quality of life improvements for all of us to enjoy.

Starting with story, 6.2 sends players in a galaxy far, far away on a search mission to find out what happened to Satele Shan. A ship carrying her and her students went missing and both factions would really like to know what went down…queue your character and join the hunt, just beware of servants of the Sith Emperor who may not want you snooping around.

If you haven’t been getting enough Mandalorian in your life, and honestly who has, then the new flashpoint is just for you, but you’ll be dealing with angry Mandalorians after Mandalorian artifacts, not the feeling, caring, Child-toting type of Mandalorian, so come armed to the teeth.

Outside of new content, 6.2 adds a new login reward system to SWTOR that gets you free rewards for…well..logging in, imagine that. A new emote management system also comes in the patch guaranteeing that you’ll never stumble for the perfect emote for any occasion ever again. The update is capped off by two new PvP replica rewards. These include a mount from season 5 and one from season 7.

Want all the details and screenshots? You can hop right to the official post by clicking here!

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