The folks at Echtra Games aren’t shy about making major changes to Torchlight Frontiers in response to player testing feedback. They told us as much in a recent interview, and they laid out the details regarding the skill progression update that’s coming in a patch update one week from today.

Update 6: Adept’s Path will land on May 21 and make major changes to the progression system, which Echtra admits was “unclear and the pacing felt off.” The three tenets of the new system are pacing, planning, and scalability. Players will receive a skill point every level up to 100, providing consistent pacing, and skills on each path have tiers, with a maximum of 12 points that can be invested. And, just to make things faster, the rate at which players gain levels has been doubled, with additional bonuses for bosses, champions, and quest completion.

Expect more changes in the future, as Echtra Games continues to tweak things after hearing from testers: “Once the system is in players’ hands, we’ll roll their evaluations and assessments into the next wave of iteration and improvement.” You can learn more about the skill system revamp on the Torchlight Frontiers site or tune into a livestream at 11 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 16 to learn more.


  1. But do you still have to go back to your home base to even get a skill? That’s what I think feels off about their progression. Felt like a facebook game having to manage the base.


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