Total War Arena Patch 14.1

Total War: Arena’s got a bunch of fixes coming in a patch on Thursday, and while squashing bugs isn’t fun, at least the dev team is getting its jollies with writing up its patch notes.

The main incoming change is this author’s favorite commander, Leonidas, getting a slight nerf to his Hold the Line ability, which is probably for the best. Other much-needed changes include troop replenishment being cheaper for higher ranks and better matchmaking, which is meant to group players based on their unit roles.

Even if you don’t play the game, the full patch notes are worth a read for the humor value. Some of the better entries include:

  • Players will not be shown news items they’ve read and acknowledged before, which officially makes ARENA better than Facebook.
  • Font sizes have been fixed, and we resisted switching the font itself to Comic Sans.
  • To continue our effort to be less mysterious, players now have a clearer idea when and why they can or can’t use an ability. You will no longer need to search for the answer inside yourself.
  • Whoah. That last one’s deep, man.

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    1. I’d rather search for answers inside myself than have to guess armor-piercing damage and shield armor/defense values. Even the tooltip still says “damage… split between base and armour piercing”, but said values are nowhere to be found now. An “effort to be less mysterious”, yeah, right. Funny patchnotes are cool, double standards are not.


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