Tower Of Fantasy Announces Annabella, A Fiery New Simulacrum Toting A Sniper Rifle And Ready To Clean House

“I make a clean sweep of your home…and your enemies. It’s all covered in my services after all."

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ToF Annabella

Today, Hotta Studio dropped a preview gameplay video of Annabella, a fiery new Simulacrum releasing in Tower of Fantasy on January 12th.

Dressed as a maid, Annabella swings around her sniper rifle, Clover Cross, to clean up enemies at range and unleashes devasting fire elemental power up close. Her debut video is more of a sneak peek of how she manages to take enemies down by shooting and bombing them away, but there was one ability that will likely scratch heads.

As she yells "Ashes of Destruction" near the end of the video, her gunshots transform enemies into coins straight out of a Mario game. Eventually, she magically pulls them toward her, and a hologram appears to explain she completed her objective. The whole scenario may be trailer video magic to spruce up her debut, so we'll have to see how this applies in-game.

Her backstory is that the citizens of Mirroria once considered Annabella "a literal vampire that stalked the Lower City." However, Hotta explains, "she's just a busy girl with several part-time jobs," including cleaning up enemies with Clover Cross. The dev team also teased that one of her employers "is more mysterious than the others," hinting perhaps a new character is on the horizon.

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