A few months ago Jagex began taking beta signups for their upcoming MMORPG, Transformers Universe. Today on the MMO’s official forums Jagex announced that the initial closed beta test would begin at 19.00GMT which is 11:00PST in the US. No word yet as to how many beta testers Jagex will be inviting into the initial CBT test period nor how long the CBT will last.

The start of the CBT is also joined by a revamp of the main website which features some of the first screenshots that highlight a few of the unique characters you’ll be able to charge into battle with.

If you haven’t already signed up for the beta you can do so here.

EDIT: The announcement thread regarding the CBT start has been removed. No word as to whether or not this means the CBT will still begin today or not.

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  1. i try get to the game since begin and wonder if girl rbot be nice or onle tiny body turn to bike whit out humand ho control it or like war of cyber tron to opend rufe car to agen allsee its transofmers non man contorl the veh i liek get midle size body robot form hairs as cabels of predator and turn into tuning muscle car whit nice front to ram enemys ram walls;P and weponds heavy axe 2 heand duble pistolets and shodler missels;> i hate this all moves and games girls transfomers ar tiny and weak:( ar acree.

  2. *says* screenshots or it never happened ….. is all i have to say and im gonna sit in liladog1 sad time circle we have cookies!!!!

    • “Today on the MMO’s official forums Jagex announced that the initial closed beta test would begin at 19.00GMT which is 11:00PST in the US”

      Have you looked on your clock? Besides… do it on their forums please and don’t frustrate us by your disabilities.

    • Browser Based games are clearly improving thanks partly due the technology – Unity and alikes are a blockbuster here.. also the fact the whole MMO industry goes on about a huge quality improvement.

      The new titles look better and better each year and they started to bring in quite a few features to finally distinguish the games a lot more from eachother and as the clientbased games are going about this small… and slow.. but still a path of innovation the players’ needs and demands increasing thus if you are a browser based developer then you have to produce titles which can satisfy the increased demands.

      Plus there’s the trend of the android mobiles which does give a whole new market for browser based games – you are a lot more mobile.. you can play whenever… but there’s better and better titles there too – sure a lot of crappy timesinks still… but there’s way more complex bbg designs out there as well-.

      So.. while a 3 or more years ago all the BBGs were really straightforward timewastes… now there are complete MMOs appearing and not only them but other genres – like Akaneiro which is a hack’n’slash game…

      If you’d told me I could play a hack’n’slash game in the browser before I’d probably just whacked you and left you there to rot in your stupid idealism but hey… it’s there.. so meh.

      • I am going to suppose he is one of those many many people who say they are in CBT when they really are not…they may have signed up for beta, and like to tell people they are in beta…

        Anyways I am not in beta and I hope that Jagex does not ruin the Transformers name, any word on the creators of the game, I know Jagex is the company who will be running the games on their servers.

  3. Without confirming or denying that I’m in the CBT, it’s taking place for 2 hours today from 6-8 PM EST I may have heard somewhere from someone.


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