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IMC Games is laying out the plans for the transition of its new game to free-to-play. The game recently launched the sales of the buy-to-play early access, with plans to go completely free to play after a month. Today, they made the plans for that conversion public.

In order to accommodate new players, the development team will create new worlds if called for, but has no plans to create them immediately. This is an attempt to keep from having the population of the game divided from the start and to make things fair for those on the Founder’s servers.

For those who are on the Founder’s Servers, there will be a one-time Team server transfer for those who want it. There will only be one transfer per Steam account — even for those who have bought more than one product on their account. Transfers will take approximately 3 weeks and can only be requested once new worlds open.

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  1. lel so what will they do when the founder server becomes less than the main server will they merge it or something ? If so that would be a very awful thing to do.


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