Titan Forge Games is adding a bit more mischief to Smite in the near future (December to be more precise)– this time in the form of a Japanese trickster-god. The tanuki Danzaburou is generally associated with Sado Island and has a bit of a mixed reputation. He’s known for passing his time fooling people with mirages, or tricking people into buying leaves they think are made of gold, or honestly any variety of mischief. But, he’s also known to have helped people who were struggling financially — even if they probably shouldn’t ask where the money came from.

Now, the tricky tanuki is making his way to the Battleground of the Gods. The new god was announced in a trailer today, offering players a look at his personality, if not his playstyle. Based on the video, it seems like sake will have some relevance in his build, but we’ll have to wait to be certain.

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