After discovering a children’s educational charity known as the Starfall Education Foundation, Trion Worlds announced they will be changing the name of the RIFT 4.0 expansion. Designed to avoid potential confusion between the two, Starfall Prophecy has been renamed as Prophecy of Ahnket.

In addition to announcing the name change, Trion has revealed they will be offering any player who logs into game between now and the 14th the expansion for free. After the 14, anyone wanting to pick up the expansion will have to pay $19.99 for it. They will also be offering items previously only available in the Deluxe edition of the expansion in a special “Celestial Adventurer’s Pack”. The level 65 boost can be purchased in the RIFT store for 6000 Credits. Previous owners of the expansion also net some additional items.

For those interested in checking out the charity that prompted the name change, the Starfall Education Foundation can be found here. It’s a public charity dedicated to providing children with educational resources.

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  1. their reason for change of name makes zero sense, it would only be logical if there was another MMO with similiar name, even other game would be a stretch, but a charity organisation?? what, who the hell will confuse trion expansion with a charity organisation.. Also seems like they are very desperate for players, another move like atlas reactor, they just pissed anyone who paid for that overpriced mess, imo it’s not even worth playing for free, there’s better games out there.


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