Trion Worlds is challenging Rift Prime players with several sets of tasks to complete over the next month, with titles being offered as rewards. You can close 120 rifts — 20 of each elemental type — for the “Planar Protector” title; win 30 Warfronts and gain 30,000 Favor for the “Primus” title; or craft three Master Craftsman Marks for the “Prime Artisan” title. Players have until July 20 to complete these three goals.

Meanwhile, the Trion dev team got a little smaller recently, with the departure of Richard “Icarus” Byon from the raid team. Trion confirmed the news on the forums, and posts from players around the official word seemed to indicate that Icarus was pretty well-regarded. That’s surprising in the MMO world, where seemingly everyone gets mad at “lazy devs,” so here’s hoping Byon lands on his feet and finds another group of players to sing his praises. Just don’t fly too close to the sun, son.

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  1. hell i’d leave to…try making new content for the live servers when everyone know’s prime is a cash grab and nothing more…same game big damn deal….how about updating ..combat….fixing buggy dungeon’s….better raid drops..and how about trion stop lying to the players…that would be a start..then re-tool the cash many ptw items…and when you patreon…how about getting all of the content like you should…who gives a crap about the boxes…stop ripping people off trion


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