Trion would really like for as many people as possible to try out RIFT Prime, it seems. Of course, since a lot of people are reluctant to throw money at something they’re not sure they want — or just don’t have the money to do so right now — that’s a little easier said than done. So, to encourage people to hop on the Prime server and give it a whirl, the developer decided to offer players a 7-day free trial.

Yesterday, Trion sent out emails to former players giving them a chance to try out the service. It appears this might be a very specific offer, since the email requires players to “claim” their trial by clicking a link in the email and log in on the game’s site.

So here’s the deal guys. I can’t tell you if you’re eligible. Although I think if you are you might have received an email. But just in case, here’s a link to the login page a mentioned above. Click on it, log in, and it will tell you what’s up. If it works… Happy playing.

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  1. It would help if Trion Worlds was a more Reliable Company. I’m a Former Player but I don’t have access to my Trion Account so I probably can’t access this. I tried Rift and I hated it and I tried Archage. I loved Archage but Trion Worlds ruined it with their horrible updates which made me quit that game.

  2. Wish that Rift vanilla thing was free, after being messed up over the Arche Age charade not gonna give them not even a sub worth.

  3. It’s a shame Trion moved all their talented developers to other games. Rift used to be quite good and was one of the best MMOs on the market.

    It’s a shell of itself now with nothing to do. Instead of addressing balance issues and adding content, they’ve been working on a challenge server based upon the completely neglected soul trees on live.

    The number of people who used to like this game came out em masse upon release and Prime was quite fun for a few weeks. Most have left since since , guess what, poor class balance and no content ready for end game.

    Same issues as the live game.

    Now a free trial… LoL

  4. Trion just keeps trying.
    Trion should of just rolled up company name and created another one. Trion can not get away with being TRion and hold any respect in gaming.
    Trion haven’t done much but be a burden and form a solid pig headedness to gamers by not complying to gamers needs, instead Trion believe by restricting gamers first and foremost thinking its better to benefit the company Trion than to have happy game players.


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