If you haven’t logged into RIFT for a while, Trion would like you to. So, for a limited time, they’re offering players special rewards just for logging in. Between now and August 15, players — whether returning or continuing — will be rewarded with the following items just for logging on to the game:

  • Celestial Rewards Cache
    • 2 Tenebrean Engines (used to upgrade powerful raid items).
  • Box of Individual Reward Charges
    • Contains 10 Individual Rewards Charges. Does not extend the cap of 100 charges and charges in excess of 100 will be lost.
  • Glimmering Bag of Sparkles
    • Contains 100 Phenomenal Sparkle required for the monthly Patron quest. Sparkles that exceed the 500 cap will be lost.
  • Sagum of Lightning Costume Cape

In addition to the above announcement, Trion also reminds players that Summerfest will be coming to an end soon — on August 11. So get playing if you haven’t already.

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  1. Honestly, used to play this game a ton. After being burnt out of WoW and down on money, this was an amazing alternative. I loved the game, played it to endgame, raided, geared, grinded for everything. Then, the first expansion came out. I was excited, like a little kid. Then, I saw gear locked behind a paywall. I saw whole slots for gear locked behind a paywall. Souls for my class, which wound up getting me kicked out of top raiding groups since I didn’t have them, locked behind a paywall. I hoped to god this trend wouldn’t continue, but alas, it did. Everytime I see RIFT giving out things, I keep hoping that it might be something useful. But no, it’s not. It doesn’t matter if I upgrade my raid gear, I can’t use it. My options are grind for a year to unlock the gear slots (at which point they would be obselete), pay for it, or be weaker than everyone else and not able to raid. It’s a huge letdown, even the new class is behind a paywall. Trion is nothing but greedy bastards, and I’m glad their games are dying, they deserve it. Let them burn with their greed.

    • I’m so glad I’ve never invested vast amounts of time in Trion games. They seem worse than Gameforge and Nexon, from the comments across forums and such.
      Quite frankly, I don’t think any of their hosted games have been any good. ArcheAge started off with a little promise but they soon shot themselves in the foot with that, killing what could have been a great game.

  2. That moment when gear and progression is locked behind a paywall. I loved rift when it first launch, it was refreshing in the MMO market. I really have no idea what the hell they are thinking now. Hope it dies, let it die, please.

  3. I don’t care what they give us.
    The way they treated raiders was absurd won’t return even if they offered lifetime patron.
    They can shove their goodies where the sun doesn’t shine.


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