After a cryptic tease on the newly created @TroveGame Twitter account Wednesday, Trion Worlds officially revealed their newest project, Trove. The free-to-play game is described as “an open-ended voxel adventure through countless realms filled with quests, chests, and enemies great and small,” the game will offer procedurally generated voxel-based worlds with exploration, combat, crafting, and building.

It makes sense that Trion would go in this direction. Before returning as Trion’s CEO, Scott Hartsman famously said that the content-development system for online gaming was “broken,” and having something different from the usual “patch every few months” that players quickly tire of is right up their alley.

It’s also a clear continuation of the trend in gaming started by games like Minecraft and Cube World, and, eventually, EverQuest Next. Voxels and procedurally generated worlds are gaming’s new buzzwords these days, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more such games in the next few years. Whether that will be a good thing or not remains to be seen.

Trion is “launching Trove in alpha,” which we suppose means that access will be granted to select players as soon as a reasonably stable build is available. You can sign up for the game at the Trove site.

What do you think? Does Trove look like something you’re interested in trying?


  1. Everyone has to stop calling it a Minecraft clone. It has its own differences and similarities. This happens to every game after Minecraft came out.

    • Okay then..First it was MoBa’s and now it’s Voxels.. What’s next, a Voxel MoBa? OH wait… Hmm… Wait..That sounds pretty neat, create our own maps…. BUT NO! Next thing you know we’re gonna have voxel side-scrollers, voxel sports, voxel racing, heck why not a voxel voxel.

  2. Although I have nothing against 2d puzzle platformers, this looks like 3D port of some 32bit game to me. Human eye is not designed to tolerate this for long time.
    The whole idea of exploring and creating environment is cool though.

  3. Just because a game has blocks
    its a minecraft copy
    Kids learn what your talking about before posting
    minecraft is a survival game

    • Not only that, but Minecraft’s concepts were borrowed from Infiniminer and Dwarf Fortress. That said, I have yet to see why anyone that already owns at least one of the 80 gillion block survival games should be interested in this. The games already existing in the genre aren’t expensive and you can at least play them with peace in mind, knowing that you’re not being subjected to endless nickel & diming.

  4. its a rip of of cube world which is a rip off of mincraft which is a ripoff of halo 3 YES I SAID IT minecraft is a rip off of halo 3;s forge mode which is a ripoff of quake which is a ripoff of counter strike which is a ripoff of pong its like ripoffception.

    on the other hand though if this was in the bible it would be like and pong begat space invaders which bagat the 8 bit era which begat the 16 bit era who had two children and took them to tony’s pizza,not the one on 59th and hoffstetter, the good one,which begat XD

  5. I was excited at first after reading the title of this article.

    I imagined an adventure game centered around exploring procedurally generated dungeons, ruins and castles whose entrances would randomly appear in the world and players would co-operatively enter and defeat the monsters within.

    Something like Realm of the Mad God but in 3D.

    Where you go questing for loot and gear in these dungeons and then return to town to buy, trade, sell and upgrade.

    Extreme disappointment is what I got after watching the video.

    What theyre doing is nothing new.

    Just another Minecraft server with even worse looking graphics.

    • The game looks ALOT like Cube World and reminds of the War Z. The War Z ‘piggy-backed’ on Day-Z’s success, and seems like ‘Trove’ is doing the same thing to ‘Cube World’.

  6. This looks almost indentical to Cubeworld. While making a voxel based mmo might be a new thing, the market is just saturated with minecraft clones, some improve on the formula, some simply copy the highlights. Regardless whether it be a singleplayer, multiplayer or an mmo for a game to find it’s place in this genre, it would need to evolve the creation part of the gameplay. Like being able to animate our creations and give them AI, instead of just making statues and houses.

    Statues are cool and all, but we have the other 126 voxel based games to make statues in, we don’t need another one.

    Atleast that’s my opinion.

  7. The real question is can Trion handle another failed game.They still haven’t come close to breaking even on defiance.And rift doesn’t make enough money to cover more losses of defiance proportions.I sense more lay offs at trion after this game releases.


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