Were you part of the mad rush of players to check out Trove, Trion Worlds’ voxel based free to play title? Were you also impacted by absurd queue times to get into the game? It probably came as good news to you when a few days after launch we reported that Trion Worlds was adding new server hardware to ease the queue times.

In reading the comments on the queue news I’m seeing a mixed bag still. Some players are getting a “1000+” queue and getting in after about 6 minutes, some are still waiting hours.

Either way, Trion Worlds wants to apologize and let players know that they are doing everything they can to increase server capacity. They will also be sending all players a bit of a “Sorry” gift in the way of 1 free class token to be used on an existing or future class unlock and 3 days of Patron time (with an additional 3 days given to those who purchased anything with real money.)

You can keep track of when the items will be sent and the progress of server improvements on the official Trove site.

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. If it wasn’t voxel-based, I’d play it, it’s just that blocky graphics aren’t my thing, I’m not about super shiny next gen graphics, 2004-like graphics will be perfect for me, for example, there is a game called Eldevin, that sports such graphics and is a lot more deeper than this thing. Alright, time for me to go back the The Elder Scrolls Online and Dirty Bomb.

    • You’re really comparing Eldevin to Trove? Eldevin should only be compared to Runescape and Trove should only be compared to Cube World. They aren’t even alike and don’t even come close to playing the same. Have you even played these games?


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