So, first there was an alleged “APEX Duplication” exploit in ArcheAge, then according to Scott Hartsman (Trion Worlds CEO), there wasn’t one. Now there is again and Trion Worlds has officially suspended all APEX purchases until they can work with XL Games on fixing the “bug that can be exploited.”


Other players chiming in on the duplication are claiming that APEX isn’t the only item that can be duplicated using the bug. They allege that any boxes or items that require opening can be duplicated at will. APEX is just the marquee item that needs to be addressed first. Why? APEX is the cash link from the real world to ArcheAge’s economy.

For those that aren’t ArcheAge players, APEX is an item that can be purchased using real world currency. Think of it as a token. When you open this token in game you get credits which can be used to buy cash shop items, pay for patron status, or the APEX can be sold on the auction house. Think of it as a way for players that don’t want to shell out cash to be able to buy patron time or cash shop items with their in game gold and allowing those that want to spend some real money to make in game gold.

Boy if an item that did that could be duplicated, you’d have yourself a world of problems. Problems which ArcheAge is dealing with right now.

Currently, there is no estimated date for APEX sales to resume but since this directly impacts the ability for Trion Worlds and XL Games to make money, you would think they won’t be down for long. Let’s just hope this is the last time they have to resort to this action, since it certainly hasn’t been the first time they had to do so.

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. Game is super boring, there is only 2 instances for endgamers, to max ur level u need only few days, stupid repetetive quest chains, all other game aspects is for farmville fans, another boring repetetive crap, for those who want 2nd job, tonnos of bugs , sick addicts with alternative characters still playing, normal players quit all the time, server is not full like at the beginning, there is no light in the tunnel, trion stuff is so bad, they not even bring patch notes for most of updates, and updates and events are so small, just another generic asian crap full of bugs.

  2. Archeage is a fun mmo. but it just have so many problems. like some like me. who can’t even get on. keep saying the gods have d/c you. before i even get to char list. sometime even after that. and randomly d/c. but it is still fun. if you play it with others. even more so in pvp zones. just wish the combat was action based and not point and click.

  3. The way Trion treats their customers, they don’t deserve to succeed. I’m sure they are some good people working there but my God are the decision makers retarded. Archage was screwed from the time it launched. Over hype brought in a large audience initially most of whom have left and all that remains are the disgruntled and the blind. The former will make life very difficult for the latter.

    • Its just that all koreans wanna go pro or get the challenge, if they come a cross bugs in game report and dont exploit, its their unwritten rule, never take advantage, it just goes to show that we need to learn from koreans and start taking the challenge!!

  4. Trion is terrible with any problems they have. Took them a month to get back to me on a issue. I will not ever put another dime into one of there games. AA was great, but doing nothing about land hackers, and bots made this game a POS. Good luck to anyone who thinks this game will carry on for long. I for one am done with all there games.

  5. From the moment I first logged in and tried the game , I knew there was something wrong with it. I didnto like it and thank goodness I am no longer playing it

  6. I used to like trion because of rift, but this game really ruined their reputation bigtime. It’s their fault for signing in with shitty XL games.


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