Trion World’s announced that Trove players will now be able to have multiple Cornerstones in game, but not in the way you may be thinking. This news doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to place multiple Cornerstones on the map at will, but instead simply means that players can design up to 4 Cornerstones and swap between the designs at will.

If you want to make a Cornerstone for each season you are free to do so. Additional Cornerstone slots do require unlocking though either through the a Credits or Cubits purchase. You can always restore your Cornerstone to the default design if you wish, but be careful as deleting a Cornerstone will cause you to lose all placed items that you haven’t yet picked up.

To check out the new system and get a step by step guide to how to use the new Cornerstone options, check out the post on the official Trion Worlds page.

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  1. This is something they should of added a long time ago, but either way the game is terrible and isn’t worth anyone’s time to play it.


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