Trove Introducing Endless Dungeons Known As Delves


If your home isolation seems endless, you’re in luck. gamigo is working on an endless dungeon for Trove, so while you’re practicing social distancing, you can explore one level after another until you run out of food. No, wait, that’s a bad idea. Take a break for food. And sleep.

The name for these infinite dungeons is “Delves,” which oddly is the same name used for infinite dungeons in Path of Exile, which we’re sure is just a coincidence. Delves are procedurally generated, matching up to eight players of similar levels in a randomized dungeon. As the depth increases, so do the challenges and rewards.

In addition to monsters and a boss at the end of each level, delve levels have various objectives you might have to complete, like killing certain monsters or gathering items. If you die in a delve, not all hope is lost. You can be resurrected by an ally in just a few seconds, but that time increases by five seconds after each death.

Delves are currently available on the Public Test Server, and gamigo hopes players will give them a try to help with the tuning. You can learn more about delves on the Trove website or get full details on everything going into the upcoming patch, on the Trove forums.


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