Trove's "Sunrise" Patch And Season 3 Of Bomber Royale Comes To PlayStation And Xbox Today

Try out the new Solarion or revamped Shadow Hunter class now!

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Trove Sunrise Console Release

Trove, the voxel-based MMO by Trion Worlds and gamigo, debuts its latest "Sunrise" patch on PlayStation and Xbox platforms today. Fans can finally try out the new Solarion class, experience the revamped changes for the Shadow Hunter class, and enjoy Season 3 of Bomber Royale.

The Solarion class is a servant of the Sun Goddess and smites enemies with their bow from long-range or up-close with its pet phoenix for fast melee attacks. It has a Phoenix Radiance passive ability that increases its attack rate and energy gain to summon its phoenix in battle.

However, if the phoenix is slain, a self-healing egg will spawn in its place. Once healed up to max health, it'll explode and from the egg's ashes rises the Solarion's phoenix to jump back into the battle. Players can try out the new class in the new Sundered Lands biome, jampacked with unique upper and lower levels with various challenging encounters.

Alongside Solarion, the "Sunrise" patch introduces a revamped Shadow Hunter class. The class has received a new passive ability and Sacred Arrow Ultimate skill. The skill unleashes a large arrow of raw energy, piercing through enemies and dealing 300% damage every 0.5 seconds for 7.5 seconds. In addition, classes such as Boomeranger and Gunslinger got some rebalancing changes for the update.

Lastly, the Season 3 of Bomber Royale is now available on consoles. Players can enjoy new maps, bombs, rewards, an updated queue system, and additional options for private matches. For Nintendo Switch fans, the "Sunrise" patch will become available shortly. Those hopping into the content patch can read up on everything live today on the Trove website.

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