LOTRO Nazgul

Earlier this week, Turbine’s Robert “Severlin” Ciccolini gave Dungeons & Dragons Online something to celebrate by revealing a few tidbits about the game’s future plans. Turbine’s “other” big MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online wasn’t mentioned — which is fair, seeing as how Severlin’s post was on the DDO forums — but that still got players wondering about LotRO’s unstated, and often questionable, future.

Severlin didn’t disappoint — well, unless you were looking for concrete answers, that is. Still, cranking up just a little bit of the hype machine for LotRO players who are concerned about their game’s future prospects, is a good thing, right?

We really want the content leading up to the Black Gate to live up to the player’s expectations. That’s what we are working on now. But the crescendo of what happens to the Ring needs to be fantastic. Once the players have to enter Mordor itself… we feel that we need something “big” to do that justice.

Another team member immediately clarified that “big” doesn’t refer to another Big Battle.

At the very least, this should alleviate Magicman’s oft-stated belief that LotRO would close up shop before players got to Mordor. And while it would be nice to hear something good about the game’s post-2017 plans, it’s understandable that we wouldn’t get a leak of that magnitude until all the contracts are signed.

You can check out the thread on the LotRO forums here.

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  1. Is that supposed to be the last expansion? Where Frodo and Sam reach Mordor to drop the ring?

    I think this game will end soon after.


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