Turbo Golf Racing’s Season 2 Aztec Run Launches Tomorrow, November 17

Enjoy new levels and a variety of new customizations like new cars, decals, and more.

Aspen Pash
By Aspen Pash, News Editor Posted:

Turbo Golf Racing S2

Get ready for Turbo Golf Racing’s Season 2 launching on November 17. Titled Aztec Run, this new season is filled with creativity, new rewards, and amazing new levels to explore.

Players will be able to explore 10 new Aztec-themed levels that will be teaming with geological wonders like waterfalls, fountains, and geysers that can be used to a player's advantage if they dare risk the challenge. There will also be new Ranked Leaderboards on top of 40 Season rewards like new cars, boosters, decals, finishes, and avatars, all of which sport bright colors that match Season 2’s Aztec vibe. Players can play new tutorials and explore a variety of other changes and improvements like the new system that has been added to the Out-Of-Bounds System that will now show visual indicators as the player or their ball approaches the out-of-bounds area.

Players can check out the game now on Steam and Xbox.

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