Remember when I told you just yesterday that Fortnite: Battle Royale was doing pretty well, even boasting 3-plus million players on Sunday alone? Well, today Epic announced that the game has passed the 10 million player mark since it launched on September 26.

Making it easier for the game to bring in higher numbers is the fact that the game is available across several platforms, including consoles and Mac as well as the obligatory PC iteration. That’s good news for players considering that the 100-player maps would get pretty boring if the player base weren’t strong.

To celebrate the 10 million mark, Epic has put together an infographic highlighting a few of the game’s milestone. The biggest number is for structures built — although it looks like it’s breaking it down by pieces since it mentions walls, stairs, floors, and ceilings individually. Either way, Nearly 800 million of these have been built. The next biggest total is the nearly 300 million people who have jumped out of the battle bus. The rest of the numbers can be seen in the graphic below.

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  1. Don’t be fooled by this. This game does nothing new at all. The only difference is the cartoony graphics versus realistic graphics like the other games that has done this 100 times.

  2. I wasn’t expecting Fortnite BR to be this successful, i’m glad it is, but i didn’t find it to be fun for me. I was looking through the infographic hoping to see how many people have got the PvE after playing the PvP. I am really curious if the PvE had any major gain from that, cuz i’ve been starting to encounter more missions where the team is not full anymore.

  3. These numbers are BS. They are counting the number of players already accrued over many months that are only playing the PvE/Main aspect of the game and I know for a fact that there are not 10 million ACTIVE players because it still takes quite a bit to fill a lobby of 100 players and the game still isn’t one of the tops on Twitch. They are using these numbers with no proof to boast their media attention and it’s working.

    • Lol youre an idiot. Or a smart man with too much free time. Where in this article or anywhere else did you read that they said 10miion ACTIVE players? All it means is that 10 million players across all platforms have played at least one game.

      Don’t add shit that was never said just so you can act pretentious over a game that some players may or may not prefer over your beloved PUBG.

      I’ve played both and honestly neither of them is really my cup of tea but you don’t see me going around complaining about something that was never said. Maybe read a bit more before you start start replying. Maybe theb your parents will care to show some interest in you.


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