Uncovered Apex Legends Audio File Indicates Portable Respawn Beacons Are On Their Way


Apex Legends players may no longer have to run to specific areas of Kings Canyon in order to respawn their teammates…that is if the recent .wav files uncovered by data miner Shrugtal are any indication. The audio files shared on Twitter a few days ago directly reference placing a “portable respawn beacon”.

Considering how respawning has worked until now, this will likely be a literal game-changer. Of course, we don’t really know how limited these items will be in-game. It’s likely only a few will appear in the match and then players will have to go back to using the ones built into the map.

That is, of course, if they do become a permanent part of the game at all. It is possible the devs are just testing things out at the moment. That said, it would be a little weird to create audio files for something you’re not already planning on using.


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