It’s nearly “All Systems Go!” for Update 0.20 for Armored Warfare. This update follows up on the heels of Update 0.19, which rebranded the game as Armored Warfare — Tanks Reloaded, seeking for a fresh start following the shift of dev teams from Obsidian Entertainment to

(At least that’s what we think. Obsidian and always put out a lot of press releases, so it’s possible we’ve gotten 0.19 and 0.20 and even something coming in 0.21 mixed up.)

In any case, 0.20 is will be coming down the pipe over the next few months, and its main feature will be the new PvP map, Tropical Coast, set in the pretty seaside town of Port Antonio. Described as “fairly open” but with urban centers to provide cover, Tropical Coast will host battles in both regular and encounter mode.

0.20’s other big deals will be the revamping of the garage for easy storage for all your tanks and a new UI that will hopefully make things more intuitive for both new and old players alike. (Any resemblance to World of Tanks’ garage interface is completely unintentional.) You can read up on everything coming in 0.20 on the Armored Warfare website.



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