V Rising Starts Sharing Planned Endgame Content In Newest Dev Post

Final bosses, endgame events, a new zone, and all that jazz.

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Stunlock dropped a new dev update for V Rising today – number 23 for those keeping track. This one discusses player feedback following the Gloomrot update, but, more importantly, it lays out plans for what will come with the full release of the vampire survival game next year. And yes, a big section of that has to do with endgame content.

The dev team has plans that include a new endgame-focused zone, somewhere beyond the Hallowed Mountains. This will be an “ancient and mysterious” place and important to those wanting to build their legacy. The post also promises a final boss that will be different – and we assume more difficult – than dealing with Adam the Firstborn. The zone will be home to endgame events as well. These will be regular rolling events that will give players reasons to keep returning to the zone.

In addition to the endgame content, the post also promises performance improvements. That’s fairly expected for a game that hasn’t officially launched yet. In fact, the developers report that they’ve fully upgraded the game’s engine and it is now in a stable state.

There’s more to the post as well, including information on how to make the most of your V Rising community. All of Stunlock’s plans – the ones they’re willing to share anyway – can be read about in the post on the game’s site.

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