Dota Underlords may still be in beta, but players can look forward to a big update soon — literally titled “The Big Update” — which promises to add some polish to the game as well as new Heroes and Alliances.

To fill players in on what the update will contain, Valve has begun publishing posts detailing the contents, beginning with two of the upcoming alliances: Healer and Insects. For now, the only member of the Healer alliance detailed is Dazzle, who amplifies all friendly healing. He also boasts an ability that uses a bolt of power that arcs between allies, healing them while damaging opponents.

As for the Insect alliance, the post introduces three new heroes. The Weaver can phase in and out of visibility. When invisible, he is also untargetable and can move stealthily among enemies, dealing damage to each it passes. The Nyx Assassin features two abilities: one that drops spikes that help prevent damage from enemies while stunning the opponents attempting to attack them. The other allows Nyx to deal extra damage after teleporting. Finally, Broodmother is a giant spider that spins a web on top of enemies dropping their attacks, movement, and cast speeds.

As noted on the post, this is is only part of the information that will eventually be made available regarding the Big Update, which “marks the beginning of the end of the Underlords Beta” and prepares to transition the game to its full 1.0 release.

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